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Job | filtration - specialist in wet filtration

In house production since 1963

Experience of processes
We have  worked in the solid/liquid separation area since 1963 and we still do. The goal is to give you the best possible performance of your system - weather it is a filter press, belt press or any other filter equipment.

All processes are unique!
To be able to provide optimized results, weather it is in increased cake dryness or higher retention rate, the process itself, and your wishes on improvement must be the focus. This has always been the strength of Job|filtration.

The correct filter cloth improves reliability and reduces operating costs.
It is the filter medium - with its properties and performance - that determines how well a filter system works. A filter cloth that is not up to the task can cause costly production failures. This is especially true of the modern, fully automatic wet filtration and de-watering systems that are frequently integrated in the production process.

Selecting the right filter medium is a complicated process requiring expertise in textile technology, chemistry and mechanical engineering, preferably combined with many years' practical experience in processing industry. And modern and flexible machinery is essential in order to create a filter medium with optimal properties.

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Job|filtration - your partner for separation!

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