Inspections and service

Preventive maintenance
Job|Service carries out inspections, functional check and status controls of your entire filtration systems. We inspect and control all types of filters and equipment belonging to the filter unit such as rotary valves, fans, cleaning systems, ducts, conveyors etc. Inspections always result in written reports, which are gone through together with the client.

Media analysis
Job|filtration has its own laboratory and tools to make filter media analysis. Results will be delivered as detailed report and based on facts and information from the process.

Leakage control
Job|Service provides experts to find even the smallest leakages that are hard to find out in a normal visual inspection. Job|Service has a lot of experience in locating reason for malfunctioning.

We can provide service programs for your needs.

Repair and renovation

Our world requires better environmental commitments

As you can read more about in Modifications, we have extensive experince in renovation and optimization of older filter systems. We offer a wide range of solutions for energy savings in your existing facilities. We have references to all kinds of efficiencies that we like to present to you.


Full scope supplier

As a full scope suppliers we always use Job|Service for installation of new filter systems. Our service team has extensive knowledge and long experience in managing installations on site.


Expand, improve or evaluate for future
Are you planning to develop or expand your production? Do you have a lack of capacity, or are you looking for cost-effective solutions? We offer e.g. investigations of the processes, duct balances, system optimizations and controlling.

Please contact us.

"A job well done!"