We belive in the power of business to effect change, but perhaps not in quite the same way as is normally the case, where financial profit alone governs all decisions. Instead we see it as a force that can change what is considered profit. Before we can define profit, we must first define cost. The price tag in a clothes store shows far from all the costs of producing a garment.

Conventional cotton farming consumes vast quantities of the earth's resources. A great deal of water is used, which can cause drops in groundwater near the plantation. Large amounts of toxic chemicals are normally used on the plantations and in the garment factories. Cotton farmers and factory workers are often badly paid for long days and face inhumane working conditions.

At Dem Collective, we consider this a loss. If a garment is cheap because people and the environment have been taken unfair advantage of, we've all lost. This is why transparency is so important. So that everyone can see the effects of production methods, and how they can be influenced by consumers.

In our eyes, we all profit from working conditions that are acceptable to everyone and a production system that is 100% organic, so this is how we do things.

Dem Collective's modest ambition is to effect a paradigmatic shift in the corporate world. It should be taken for granted that every business strives for production and consumption in which no one loses out, but that's still turns a profit.

By showing that this is possible, and by profiting in ways other than the purely financial, we hope to serve as a source of inspiration and an ideal for companies large and small.

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